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Beatriz Rodriguez

After obtainning her Degree in Political and Administrative Studies, International Relations, Universidad Central de Venezuela, she decided to come to London to do an english course and to travel as much as she could. Her first work as a cook was four months in a sailing boat in Thailand and Malasya. She returns to Europe and continuos to move around cooking. ln Berlin, Germany she worked as a cook for a year in the Community Project "Volks Kuche" (Folks Kitchen) catering for a hundred and fifty people in Friedrichshain, a community of East-Berlin, and as well worked as Chef in Advena Vegetarian Cafe, Kreuzberg. Then she worked as a Cake Baker in a Eco-Farm in Corsica, France. On her return to London she worked as an Assistant Manager in Yesterdays Antiques and Tea Room, Camden Town. Afterwards she worked as a Chef in Manna Vegetarian Restaurant, Prirnrose Hill. After all this experience she and three other friends decided to run the Kingsgate Community Centre Cafe in where she has found the opportunity to develop a fresh, seasonal and enjoyable food.

As well in September 1997 she enrolled in a pottery course at Kingsway College Kentish Town. She is still assisting this course in where she creates the most astonishing ashtrays, bowls, vases and trays for the cafe and their caterings.

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