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Mini spicy black bean tamales with mexican mole chocolate sauce

Balsamic onions, roasted pepper & cherry tomato baby tarts

Char-grilled aubergine with goatÕs cheese & sun-dried tomato pesto

Avocado, cucumber & red pepper sushi roll with wasabi shoyu

Sesame pumpkin cubes

Marinated baby mushrooms

Balsamic fig & stilton bruschetta

Quail egg & cherry tomato picks with aioli

Roasted vegetables & basil pesto baskets

Deep fried wheat tortilla with spicy tomato, spicy beans & guacamole

Dolmades, stuffed vine leaves with minty yoghurt

Marinated tofu, cherry tomato & button mushroom kebab

Green plantain chips with alioli

Corn pancakes with mozzarella, coriander pesto & pink peppercorn

Mini mexican tostada with spicy beans, guacamole & soured cream

Stuffed cherry tomatos with cous-cous, sahtar & sesame seeds

Cucumber discs with herby cream cheese, poppy seeds & paprika

Crostini with spinach, roasted red & yellow pepper & shaved parmesan

Wrapped sea weed, cucumber, mushrooms & clear noodles

Mediterranean grilled vegetables, ricotta & thyme in phylo pastry

Oyster mushrooms & spinach pizzetta

Crispy polenta with braised fennel & dolcelatte cheese

Nachos with guacamole & tomato salsa

Roasted vegetables & mozzarella mini calzone

Turmeric potato cake with fresh tomato chutney

Spanakopitta, spinach & feta cheese in phylo pastry with greek yogurth

Gruyere & pecan pastries

Mushrooms palmiers

Mini falafel with tahine

Vegetable coconut curry samosas

GoatÕs cheese tartlets

Mini roti with spicy tomato

Corn cakes with goatÕs cheese & rocoto jam

Phylo cigars with goatÕcheese, pine nuts & pesto

Bread baskets with wild mushrooms ragout

Middle eastern selection of dips (hummus, babaganoush, tzatziki, red pepper) served with fresh & deep fried pitta sticks & grilled lebanese flat bread


Spicy chicken tamales with mexican mole chocolate sauce

Tandoori chicken kebabs with cucumber raita

Asparagus & prosciutto rolls

Chicken satay with indonesian peanut sauce

Yam & guava barbeque beef with mojito isleno

Stuffed baby peppers with chorizo, porcini mushrooms & dolcelatte cheese

Shabby clothes empanadas (meat & corn patties)

Chicken risotto cakes

Chicken tikka kebab with minty yogurth

Roast beef with mini yorkshire pudding & horseradish cream

Chicken yakitori with sesame seeds

Chicken & asparagus pastries

Roasted turkey rolls with spinach, sun-dried tomato & pancetta affumicatta

Honey mustard mini cumberland sausages with mustard-mayo dip

Phylo parcels with moroccan lamb, pine nuts & sultanas

Pepper camembert & bacon wontons.

Parma ham, figs & rocket bruschetta

Fish and shellfish:

Spinach & salmon roulade

Coconut crab cake with sweet chili sauce

Sticky rice stuffed with shrimp & coconut

Prawn & sweet potato cakes with sweet chilli sauce

Fresh vietnamese spring rolls with prawns

Pomelo & crab salad on little gem lettuce

Grilled mussels with herby crust

Smoked haddock gougere or vol-au-vent

Stuffed baby peppers with anchovies & capers

Baby jacket potatoes with portuguese salted cod

Octopus with olive paste

Tuna sashimi

Mini mexican tostada with smoked fish & guacamole

Potato cakes with seared fresh tuna & horseradish cream

Baked oysters with garlic herb butter

Lemon ginger prawns

Cheesy tomato basil mussels

Phylo crackers with tomato & prawn

Smoked trout pate & caviar on pumpernickel

Plantain & baby shark cakes


Ginger & chocolate profiterols

Chocolate & banana samosas

Coconut kisses

Mini pistaccio baclava

Mini lemon meringue pie

Plum & frangipane tart

Mini coconut tart with passion fruit mascarpone

Chocolate truffles

Hazelnut meringue with whipped cream & fresh figs

Mango tart tatin

Pecan pie

Mini banoffe pie

Lemon, polenta & almond cup cake

Chocolate brownies

Pear & almond tart

Fruit & nut purse

Strawberries with chocolate

Chocolate cups with Grand Manier mascarpone & berries. 50 p extra

Cheese & cherry cake

Fresh fruit kebabs

Mini bread & butter pudding

Chocolate crepe roule with fresh strawberry cream

Mini blueberry & chocolate muffins

Mini tiramisu

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