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Bea Rodriguez started making ceramic dishes when she opened Mangobajito Cafe in 1998 to supply the cafe and its catering events with plenty of platters, bowls, dishes and vases.

Since then, she has created some striking pieces of work, all hand built, mostly in porcelain, stoneware and earthenware, but also some raku vases, which are always in demand.

Bea finds inspiration in both the food itself and the organic forms found in nature. She has described some of her dishes as giant sea shells, worn down by the sea.

And sometimes she just imagines how good asparagus wrapped in parma ham would look on this platter with the red rim served next to salsa verde in that earthenware pinch bowl.

Scroll down to see a selection of her favourite pieces, or feel free to contact her if you are interested in a custom-made item.
selection of pieces

Photos by Horst Friedrichs